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New record for pending mtDNA results?

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  • New record for pending mtDNA results?

    My mtFull Sequence test results have now been pending since 2/18/2017!!! Month after month I can read this message: "Results for your mtDNA testing have been delayed". Will 7 month delay be a new record?

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    Have you called Family Tree DNA? That is way too long.


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      Is your shipping address and contact info up to date with correct info on kit?

      FTDNA will automatically send out a new collection kit if they run out or if they deem current sample to low in quality.

      Best to contact them via above link by phoning or opening a request (Support section in above link)


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        Pending ended!

        I finally got the results 19 August with lots of matches

        Hopefully I'll not have to wait so long next time, I order a test. At least I think there ought to be a limit to the number of delays without giving an explanation for those delays.

        Here's my communication with Family Tree Helpdesk for the record:

        Request Update Request ID: 662350
        Hi Knud,

        Thanks for your email, and I apologize for the delays in testing— I have requested a status update from our lab technicians regarding this mtDNA test, and will let you know once I have received word from our technicians currently processing your test.

        Request Update Request ID: 662350
        Hi Knud,

        According to our lab technicians, there was a delay due to issues with the first couple of extractions used to complete the testing due to the quality of DNA from those extractions. We were able to get a good 3rd extraction which is currently running. Provided that there are no additional testing failures (which appear to be very unlikely given the good quality of the DNA in this extraction), results should be available within the next 3-5 weeks, but may be sooner as our lab technicians are running this test at the highest lab priority.

        Cris P
        Information Specialist
        Group Projects Division
        Family Tree DNA
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        Knud Ejstrup - Aug 3 2017, 10:24 AM
        After having been waiting month after month after month for the results of my full mtDNA test results, I simply have to ask: Will they ever stop being "pending"?
        Soon losing my patience