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Would not let me upgrade Family Finder

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  • Would not let me upgrade Family Finder

    I tried to order the Family Finder test on my cousin tonight that I help manage his tree. It would not let me order it because it said he had ordered an autosomal transfer 6/16. It would not let me add this test to his cart. He has never been tested anywhere else so he doesn't have a kit to upload if he wanted to. I think FTDNA screwed this up because this was supposedly ordered on the same day he ordered a SNP test back in 6/16. I guess this screw up kept me from getting the sale price on the upgrade.

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    I suggest you call the customer service number & report this. They might still honor the discount.

    Timothy Peterman


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      I am going to call first thing this morning. Surely they will honor the sale price.


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        I opened a request last night noting the problem while the sale was still active and explained what was going on so they should have a record that I was trying to upgrade during the sale.


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          I called and they let me have it for the sale price.