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DNA test kit shipped??

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  • DNA test kit shipped??

    Ordered kit 4 7 2016
    On the 10th email saying shipped thru stamps .com
    Tracking number since it said shipped says presort etc
    Familytree dna disclaimer says may take longer not word for word but basically
    17th called them
    18th email their rep says it has shipped
    Tracking number still says present
    20th today nothing in mail
    Someone needs to replace their postage company or
    Figure out a new way to not keep people waiting
    Gotten packages from overseas faster

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    Maybe today

    I called ft and I was sent wrong email about tracking
    But was assured it is out for develiry today


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      Y 67 test still waiting

      Almost a month now since ordering test
      Test not in lab yet as of this morning
      Familytree should hire more techs
      Use different postage Co.
      Stockpiling tests somewhere is done
      Customers wonder if test made it to lab or is lost
      From my researching the lab picks up batches today
      If they need so maybe this evening my order will change status


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        Hopefully you'll get "batched" today. The kits are generally held at the mail centre until there's a lot to deliver to FTDNA, so "received" and "batched" usually happen on the same day.

        I don't know if there's anything specific about the mail companies FTDNA uses, but I've found that all of the "big 3" DNA testers have really, really slow mail services in the US. All but two of the kits I manage were from outside the US, and the mail to/from England, Canada, Spain, New Zealand, Australia and Greece has always been rapid (no more than two days for the international part)...but then the US gets involved and everything grinds to a halt.

        By the way (referring back to your first post), remember that FTDNA is international. It's always best to write the month in letters to make it clear. As far as I'm aware only America uses month-day-year and the rest of the world uses day-month-year, so writing the name of the month avoids confusion.


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          I believe test request are batched on Monday and Wednesday.


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            Y 67 test still waiting

            Nothing wait another week
            Sorry about the gripes but come on!! next week
            Will be over a month and not in lab ??
            then wait 2 more months
            If no delays


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              Y 67 test still waiting

              Nothing today
              Maybe wens day
              Disappointed with how this is going
              Been at post office in North Houston tx for couple weeks
              Now it's in Houston Tx says delivered
              I betting it's not


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                Y 67 test still waiting

                A phone call today to familytree
                We can't control post office
                Was in North Houston TX 28 april i shipped it out the 21st april
                Finding out today first kit that was shipped to me was damaged
                So familytree sent a new one out so there's a week I missed
                Now has been at Houston post office a week

                As I tryed to explain to rep
                No one sent email to say sorry your first test got damaged enroute so we had to send another

                I ordered on the 7th of April
                So now over a month and not at lab
                And it's not companies fault is what I was told


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                  Delay of kit

                  Yep pretty much same thing here, been in transit from N. Houston since the 6th of May.
                  Somebody from FTDNA needs to respond to these shipping complaints and explain the delay situation.
                  Sure, they cannot control the post office but I would think they could go eye-ball to eye-ball and attempt to resolve the issue and inform the customer!


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                    Y 67 test still waiting

                    Almost 1 o'clock in Houston
                    Yesterday I made last request to the service rep I was talking to
                    I asked to have a supervisor call me please
                    Her reply was yes
                    No return call yet


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                      Y 67 test still waiting and waiting .......

                      Monday may may 15th
                      Still no good news
                      Not at lab yet????????????
                      Order date of y kit April 7th


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                        Same thing here

                        Yep, still delayed in N. Houston. Tracking says its on its way to its destination on 6 May. Somethings not right, guess its time to phone FTDNA, for whatever good that will do.
                        I should of sent it UPS!


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                          The Houston post office that services Family Tree DNA is notorious for not delivering the kits in a timely matter. See this thread, for example. I'm sure there are others.


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                            Houston we have problem

                            Thanks KATM for the link to the thread, interesting, been going on for a while I see.
                            FTDNA still has not replied to a support request (615263) regarding Houston or to a voice mail. So I guess I will turn on the rant switch and file a USPS complaint. I did copy my two kits shipping labels. Just no excuse for the delay. FTDNA should have someone standing on the USPS Houston's desk, holding their breath and stomping their feet.


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                              Over a month and not at lab

                              Nothing on Monday
                              Today wensday May 17th 2017 still shows ordered
                              Was ordered April 7th 2017
                              Way beyond time frame post office gives
                              And additional time familytree says it's will take
                              Calls I've gotten 2 different stories
                              No return call as I asked
                              No emails about sorry,delay etc.
                              I'm guessing admin here don't work for familytree
                              OR familytree employees don't read forums
                              So sad