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Delete a profile and start over? (wrong ancestry file uploaded!)

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  • Delete a profile and start over? (wrong ancestry file uploaded!)

    OK, first admission, I did an idiot thing.

    I created a new account for my order to transfer his Ancestry results over to FTDNA.

    Well, in the process of a ridiculously hard time of saving the raw file from Ancestry (and I manage 12 kits over there)....I ended up downloading mine....and didn't notice that until I had already uploaded it to my son's new account on FTDNA.

    So, now, I'm in the position of needing to delete that file....or the whole account and starting over.

    I did send in a help request for this...since there appears to be no way to DELETE the file I uploaded, or the account. Does anyone know how to do this without me having to wait perhaps DAYS for some help????


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    Did you ever receive help with this? I have put in two tickets and called customer service on the 15th. They said they would delete so I could start over but nothing has changed.


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      I was in the same situation. Support promised to clear wrong data but it took a few weeks for them to do it. So I just created a new account.