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  • My father's Y-12 was received at ftDNA yesterday. Will update timetable as it progresses. Also took advantage of the current projects sale and upgraded his kit to the Big Y-700 and will anxiously (and impatiently) await the results.


    • Waiting on a y-37 in batch 971. Expected July 10 - 24.


      • Originally posted by Dr.DNA View Post
        Y-STR Upgrades ONLY:

        All Y-STR Upgrades are released on Friday or Sunday based on a day release schedule once batched.

        If you need a result on an y-str upgrade, add 18 days to the batch date.

        yes, this means ftdna has your results all along and just have a 18 day wait before release. ;-)
        Exactly! Upgrade from Y37 to Y67: ordered 6/12; batched (975) 6/12; results posted 6/30

        An 18 day wait on the button.

        (Now big Y on the other hand - We have been awaiting two of them for over 3 months, and in the past our waits have been 4 months, 5 months, and the speedy one was about 2 months.)


        • Originally posted by solarius View Post
          I just got updated that my Y-700 will be delayed.

          It was going to be 06/10/19 - 24/10/19 but is now due 06/24/2019 - 07/08/2019.

          I'm especially not pleased given how a recent FF test that I ordered a few months ago was also delayed.
          This is now my 3rd delay, quoting my original post for the initial date given. Now my results are expected between 07/22/2019 - 08/05/2019 assuming no further delays.


          • Y-37 in batch 971 was delayed. Expected 7/10 - 7/24. Now delayed until 7/24 - 8/6


            • Big Y 700 batched yesterday.
              Batch 984.
              Y-DNA 1-111 markers expected 26.08.2019-09.09.2019
              Y700 expected 09.09.2019-23.09.2019.