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  • Big Y Facebook Group

    If you are on facebook and either have Big Y results, are waiting for Big Y results, or are considering placing an order for Big Y, this group might be of interest.

    There has been a lot of lively and informative discussion already. I am glad I joined and am content to mostly lurk for now.

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    • Big Y batch 775

      They sent another kit to my father but his results are in batch 775 expected 12/27/2017 - 01/10/2018 so wondering if others are still waiting on this batch?
      If they had enough DNA for this test was hoping we could use the kit for another family member in NZ


      • New kit ?

        Did he or you actually place an order for another kit?

        If not, you may want to double check. It may be they really do need more dna for this test. I've read where that has happened to people in the past without any kind of email or notification to let them know.

        There are still people waiting for results from that batch and a handful of others from around the same time period.



        • Originally posted by JesusMoses View Post
          It's not only the delay that I'm frustrated about. I've had no emails letting me know if the results have been delayed or not. ...
          You are right, they have been bad at communication since before the Big Y upgrade. There has been theories that departments within FTDNA are not on the same page on certain matters. This could explain why they send out a notice about it taking a week or so while the IT dept is seeing something else on their end. Offer the update to those waiting for results? I'm not sure I understood what you meant. The upgrade couldn't be done half way, splitting the database. It was all or nothing. Everyone has to be on the same coordinate system or it doesn't mean anything.

          Originally posted by osullivanbere View Post
          I don’t think I understand: as some people are having results, why is being said there are technical issues?

          What does “the Big Y update affected ALL accounts that have it.” mean? Have what? The update? I thought some people are having results under the updated system?

          Does this mean that I can get my BAM file when I get my result? Or is there something else, called the ‘update’ that I need to wait for even when I get my results?

          I really wish FTDNA could release some sort of statement with a full explanation of what’s going on.
          Based on the data from others who have received it and those analyzing them, there is a theory that FTDNA may be having issues with file sizes of the new data. Which means it effectively does not work. Some BAM files are too big for the file system of the computers to handle. Which means their staff is likely doing some sort of trial and error to figure out a way to make those few test results work.

          The update is not complete. They can't start generating BAM files until they finish with the relatively few they are stuck on in case they need to make changes to the system or something. Of course you will be able to get your BAM but only after the update is complete for everyone and your results are in.

          Even if FTDNA releases a full statement, I doubt it would be good enough for everyone.

          Originally posted by Colin View Post
          They sent another kit to my father but his results are in batch 775 expected 12/27/2017 - 01/10/2018 so wondering if others are still waiting on this batch?
          If they had enough DNA for this test was hoping we could use the kit for another family member in NZ
          If you were sent a new kit with the same kit number as your father's test (assuming it was for your father), then he must submit a new sample. Each kit number goes with one person. You cannot give that kit to some one else. Your father's test requires a new sample so it will keep being delayed until you send the new sample. It is possible his sample was depleted or it wasn't good enough (contaminated by food, etc).
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          • Thank you Contemplator - I think I'm understanding a little more now!
            But I'm still confused about the 'all or nothing' point:
            Originally posted by The_Contemplator View Post
            The upgrade couldn't be done half way, splitting the database. It was all or nothing. Everyone has to be on the same coordinate system or it doesn't mean anything.
            If it's all or nothing, why are some people getting their results but not others?


            • By all or nothing, I was saying that FTDNA wasn't going to keep two separate coordinate systems (the old and new ones). So all Big Y results were halted. They were probably still running tests but not uploading the results until their new system was ready. Many people received their updated results from their old tests. After most were ready they started uploading new results from the pending tests.

              Those with old tests still waiting and maybe even some with pending tests, must have certain issues with their raw data. It sounds like it was an unexpected issue and therefore they likely won't have an expected date for when they think they can resolve it. This could simply mean that it varies individual test to individual test. We don't know at this point. Maybe they don't either.

              It is possible their IT dept is not big enough to handle all this as quickly as we would have hoped as they probably still have other tasks to deal with unrelated to the Big Y. They did get some new equipment for the Big Y and have increased their staff size. So this backlog will get resolved quicker.

              On top of that they also have to deal with the surge of orders from the holiday sale. You might be wondering, why have a sale if they have delays to deal with? Well, it is possible they make a huge portion of the money they make in the year in this sale, so skipping it may not be ideal for them. Something similar happened a year or so ago. The BAM file creation was stopped while they were upgrading their hardware to have the capacity to hold more data as they were running into storage limits.


              • I notice that no one has mentioned receiving any Big Y back for the delayed kits from the August sale since December 6th or so. If my understanding if correct, most of the pre-existing kits have been processed to the new format
                except for a few problem kits, and some of the August sale
                kits have been processed. It seems that batches before 773 were pre-august sales and have been processed. Some of batch 774 has been processed to the new format , no one has mentioned batches 775 and 776. A couple from batch 777, which is where my own kit is caught and at least one from batch 781. I know some of you are administrators. Do any of you have any handle on where FtDNA processing of Big Y kits are relative to delays for the August sale kits, and which batch numbers?


                • Batch #805 Delayed

                  why don't they just tell everyone that until all there bugs are worked out we aren't taking any more orders because it has effected all test, all I order was a SNP 326 but I understand there is a lot of other test associated with a batch such as #805


                  • If they don't take new orders, they stop making money. They may not be able to afford to do that or simply know that many of us will wait this out like before.


                    • Delay

                      It looks like there customers are more dedicated to them than they are to there customers you would think they would at least post to this forum letting everyone know what the problems are and what they are doing to try an solve them


                      • My uncle's Big Y results were posted this morning. He was in batch 802. They actually came just under two weeks before the expected date. Quite pleased, even if there aren't any close matches for him. But I wasn't really expecting any -- Mom's family only immigrated to America in 1903, so pretty much anyone who did match him would've most likely been one of the cousins I already knew about anyway since they have a very uncommon surname (there's maybe 100, 150 people total with that surname in America, if that many, and nearly every one of them is a descendant of my great-grandpa or his younger brother).


                        • Batch 820:
                          Batched 01/10/2018
                          Expected 02/21/2018 - 03/07/2018


                          • batch 804 big Y

                            We just got results way earlier than expected. That's the good news. Our other big Y test took about 4 months.

                            The bad news? As with the previous test there are no matches, and the only result was to move a single step down the tree. One very, very expensive step beyond what we already knew.


                            • batch 806 big y

                              Arrived today - January 17. Ordered 11/17. Got before expected date. 2 matches.


                              • Meanwhile - I’m still here waiting for batch 780. Clearly the August sale isn’t a priority for FtDna - I opened a support ticket and the rep kindly got back to me and admitted they hadn’t even looked at my sample (and wouldn’t for a few more weeks). This is a massive **** you from Ftdna to its customers.