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  • Pedigree view arrows to nowhere

    When in the pedigree view why can the system not determine if there is nothing further in that line. All of the other programs seem to do that. In the FTDNA view you need to click on the arrow and it takes forever to load and there is often nothing there. Then you have to go back one step and try again. It currently takes a long time and consumes scarce resources on your sytem for people to find nothing. Colour code the arrows to blue or green if there is more inthat line on the database and red if there is nothing further to see. It will reduce load on your system and save your subscribers lots of time to do better genealogy.

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    There shouldn't be any arrow at all if there are no further generations. It's a big waste of time clicking on arrows and waiting forever for pages to load, only to find there are no further generations! It's also a big waste of time having to go back instead of just opening the next branch. I don't think FTDNA's programmers know how to create family tree software. Apparently they have no idea how to create anything like the trees at Ancestry.


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      I'm still trying to figure out why they eliminated Ancestry View and limit Family View to only 4 generations. The change certainly didn't make the trees load any faster.

      That was more like sabotage than an upgrade. It was nice to set to max and scan along the top row looking at surnames and locations. You can't do anything like that anymore.


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        I love having a pedigree view. It's just a pity it was so clumsily designed! However, I don't see why they had to take away the family view. Some people prefer it. Why not have both, like Ancestry and other genealogy sites? Why can't they just recreate what Ancestry has, without all the extra clicking and getting nowhere at all? And why can't they duplicate Ancestry's speed and efficiency?

        I wonder if any group administrators bother looking at members' trees anymore, since it's so frustrating and time consuming?