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mtDNA results would they not be VERY similar for 3 generations?

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    mtDNA FULL sequence + Family Finder - set to weekly notifications

    Responses to ltd-jean-pull at the end of this:

    Contact emails to Familytreedna are not replied to.. rather an automated "please go to form and indicate what the issue is" which will "aid in responding in a speedy fashion" paraphrased tripe. BUT still no answers and STILL showing "pending" results.

    Instead one is directed to "Forums" where everyone has an opinion and we all know what opinions are.

    [QUOTE]1. Added tests that were paid for and "Batched" April 24, 2017 are STILL "Pending" (ONE for kit # 362359)as of June 30, 2017.

    2. Vitagene which has turned out to be a rather interesting in the attempts to sell PRIOR to "Pending" results for Kit #315928 as of July 07, 2017 and was added to said Kit on April 25, 2017. [/QUOTE}

    1. In my mother's kit account Family Finder results:
    (a) With my half sister "in common with" = 559 results (52 maternal)of which 7 (seven) were known to me as persons who were related via paper trail and personal meetings.
    (b) with myself "In common with" = 351 (28 maternal)of which 7 (seven) were known to me as persons who were related via paper trail and personal meetings.
    (c) with my daughter "In common with" = 193 (22 maternal)of which 4 (four) were known to me as persons who were related via paper trail and personal meetings.

    2. In my kit via Family Finder:

    (a) my daughter shows "in common with" me via Family Finder: 381 matches (258 maternal) of which 5 (five) are known to me as persons who were/are related via paper trail and personal meetings.

    Father unknown/presumed for me. Again, I wasn't there so even the lifetime of being blamed for mother's choices THAT weren't my fault and never were.
    Presumed father of 1/2 sister is very mixed: Norwegian, French, Scot, Indigenous of North America. He is deceased in 2008. No direct yDNA to test in that line. Two possible paternal matches were found July 02, 2017. One of whom I have colluded with regarding paper trail research

    mtDNA Full Sequence results are exactly the same for all 7 kits who were already known to me (see 1 (a). Of the two other kits of persons known to me they have yet to reach that depth of testing; however they are on our HVR1 kits with very few variations. In fact, both of the persons who send out emails (One is my mother's 1st cousin's youngest son.. 1st cousin once removed to me)a disappointing low percentage of emails are responded to, in fact, most provided email addresses bounce.

    In total I now access 11 kits. My 1/2 sister's "presumed" Aunt's Family Finder DNA is now on file.

    As a counterpoint: 2 kits that have absolutely no DNA shared with the other kits, as yet. Now those are interesting.

    (a) Eldest biological son "In common with" his living mother: 439 (matches) of 1,632.

    (b) Same son "In common with" a paper trail cousin (long tim researcher on Vancouver Island) 15 (matches)

    2. mtDNA matches:

    HVR1, HVR2, Coding Regions - 314 Matches mtDNA haplogroup: H2a2a1

    Which answers your questions, but not mine as kits are STILL showing "Pending" or in the case of one another kit showed up in the mail when a donation was already processed in 2014. Could it be that Family Tree DNA does NOT keep the donations on file for further testing in the future. This could prove very frustrating for those of us with aging family members.