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My test got lost??

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    Oddly the C/C payments were processed within milliseconds.

    Forums be great.... look.. OVER THERE see the emoicons aren't they cute :

    I too have paid for multiple family member's testing and dis other companies in favour of this site. I'm thinking I will be withholding my postings / emails to thousands of family and friends who are considering testing their DNA. *nods*

    Originally posted by CAM View Post
    If anyone thinks their kit should be batched this week you may want to take a look and see if it shows awaiting results.

    I have a family member Family Finder and never rec. an e-mail telling me it was batched. It was batched yesterday 18 Jan 2017.

    I have had this happen many times before.

    FF Batch no. 715 expected date 02/08/2017 - 02/22/2017

    This is another relative who I put in for a test to be run the end of Dec her DNA has been at FTDNA for over 1 year.

    Awaiting results.

    mtFull Sequence mtDNA Coding Region Batch 710
    date expected 02/13/2017 - 02/27/2017


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      Date for FF Batch 715 changed

      I looked at awaiting results yesterday and had a date
      FF Batch no. 715 expected date 02/08/2017 - 02/22/2017.

      I know have Family Finder Batch 715 02/15/2017 - 03/01/2017.

      I don't know why the change . I am glad it was posted.

      FTDNA is my favorite DNA company even with all this.

      I do have my DNA with 2 other companies and I got my results much faster. It takes more than that for me to like a company. My personal opinion I like the chromosome browser and the matching. I have talked with FTDNA on the phone and messaged Darren in the past and all have been extremely helpful.


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        I also like FTDNA though it took a month and a half after placing my order to have results, even with me sending the samples back the day that I got them. If I hadn't read the forums, I would have expected them sooner, but I kept delays in mind.


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          mtdna results

          Originally posted by DADIG View Post
          Is the response I got for a kit received November 07, 2016 that is still showing "pending"

          Doesn't bode well that others (yes plural) who I know are paper trail cousins are not showing up on mtdna test results.

          Odd my biological/dopplar daughter in appearance to my mother and myself does not appear as a genetic relationship to various relatives yet do to me, my sister, my mother, my mother's cousin, my mother's cousin's son......all of us paid for full sequence mtdna testing.
          Did all of these paper trail cousins do an mtdna test as well? I just got my results today so I'm trying to learn about mtdna.