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  • Disappearing test

    I was on my second kit testing my father. I inquired as to any problems with the second kit and only got that they were retesting. This was evident from the info on my dashboard.

    Now, any reference to status is gone.

    The only piece of info is in the order history and nothing that references the second kit.

    I have replied to the last email I received. Awaiting resolution.


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    No reply to my email from yesterday. (I replied to an earlier email on this subject) Now I am past the telephone support time. (a narrow window for business hours here on the west coast)


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      Hi Kevin,

      Can you please send me a private message with the email address used for the helpdesk ticket and I will see what I can find.

      Family Tree DNA


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        Thank you for the response. I did get an answer this morning but now am even more frustrated.

        The test failed the second kit. That in itself is disappointing. What makes me really unhappy is that I have no information on why. When I asked, I just got the pat answer about possible week sample or the subject ate, drank etc. He did none of those things before this last sample. He did not put his dentures in either. I even saw a bit of blood on one of the swabs so I know he was applying pressure.

        In any QC decision matrix, there has to be a reason for failure. I am unsure why the experts cannot tell me why this failed.

        Without this information, I am surely not going to throw good money after bad to try another mtDNA test. In my genealogical research, I have yet to find anything based on my sample. (the one in question if from my father) Just that I am from a limited haplogroup (possibly a new subgroup per my groups moderator) and providing my data may help research. So far, I have found little value in this test for my purposes.



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          Sent a PM