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Purchasing Tests for Others & Retaining Access

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  • Purchasing Tests for Others & Retaining Access

    Sorry, I know that this has been addressed, but I can't seem to drill down to this topic in any of the forum threads. I am attempting to order and pay for Family Finder + y67 tests for (2) male cousins. Even after I ensure that I have signed-out of my account and then attempt to enter as a new customer, site still recognizes me and will not allow me to purchase a male kit; but gives me a pop-up message that says that this test is for males only. My cousins have no interest in doing anything other than swabbing and making sure that I have access to their results. I will accept if this is user-failure on my part, but I do think that there might be some info included in purchasing instructions on the website. Can anyone give me a tip on how to purchase tests for others which I will administer? If so, please add any additional tips on whether I should have mailed to my residence to be forwarded /sent directly to testing individuals, etc. (I am concerned w/ new form in tests which asks for payment info. That might rattle cousins who understood that I have already paid. That message is Really confusing.) Thanks.

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    Did you find the little spot where you designate the sex for the test taker -- orange bar "Select this tester's gender" - you should be able to click in little ball in front of male, and then all should be well.
    -- Or is this a situation where you need to clear cookies or some such thing? (in that case, seems FTDNA is at fault, since they should allow you to order for others without doing that. But maybe ... )

    Do note you do not have to use same name for person ordering and where kit is sent -- even if having kit sent to you, can have ordered by you at your address, and for sending, fill out as sent to other name, c/o you, your address -- or you can have sent to them at their address. Put your e-mail in both places (ordering, and sent) and then add their e-mail as second e-mail of side for who Kit is for/being sent to if they would appreciate it.

    re: "I am concerned w/ new form in tests which asks for payment info. " -- what is this? I regularly order tests for others to take, but only sporadically, and am not familiar with this.
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      Thank you, Loobster -
      No, I can't even get down to designating male or female. I try clicking on the y11 and/or the Family Finder+ y67 tests that I want to order and get a pop-up message in red that flashes for a second or two - I think that it says something abt having to order in conjunction w/ a male test. Makes no sense. I am being impatient - I guess that I will have to wait until Monday and call to bother the good people. I just can't work out the glitch. Wonder if anyone else is getting this? I will have a red face if it is truly my user-failure. BTW, thanks for tips on alternate e-mails, etc. I wanted cousins to feel some sense of ownership! sminton


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        Loobster - Didn't answer your question - Last (2) tests I ordered (maybe 2 mos+ ago) had a form asking for payment info, ie credit card, etc. I called because I was concerned. Great representative explained that I could just ignore since I paid on-line. I was concerned abt sending these new tests w/ this form. Cousins might well be as confused as I was, especially because this was my gift to them, read for my research benefit and they had agreed.


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          Issue Resolved

          I have no idea what was causing the glitch, but after several attempts, the appropriate screen popped-up and I was successful in ordering the male tests. Thank you to Loobster for replying to my query. I must add that once the appropriate screen did appear, the process was straightforward and easy to accomplish. Thanks to FtDNA (but wonder what was up with those strange messages?). sminton