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    I find it very discouraging that most of my matches have not uploaded a gedcom of their family tree, or that they keep their whole tree private. The nearest autosomal matches that I have are estimated to be 3rd cousins and I hoped to be able to find connections from a Match's tree from either their names or locations, then when I contacted the match, I would be able to address the matches I see or suggest areas to look at. Probably naive, but I thought that anyone who had their DNA tested would be willing to share the information they already have in order to advance their research and help others. One of those ways, I would have thought, was to upload your existing research.
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    This is a long-time frustration for many of us! However, a person's reason for testing may not be comprehensive genealogy (for example, they're interested in their ethnicity breakdown or confirmation of a specific close relationship and that's all). In addition, many people do have a tree on Ancestry or elsewhere and respond if you email them.

    I think the trees being set to all private might be a bug.


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      Feeling the same

      I am in the same boat. I am finding to be much more helpful because of the way that their trees are done and their new DNA circles catches. Luckily I tested on both sites. Even the people that DO have trees on here, navigating their trees are difficult so finding your match is difficult. I wish there was an easier way.


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        I hand typed most of my father's tree in here because my tree at Ancestry is too big to transfer. That being said, I do find my tree here to be very unwieldy and hard to look at and use. Hopefully in the future they can make it more user friendly. As a new member, I am not able to judge yet which site is most useful. but at present I am getting a lot of use out of this site, Ancestry and Gedmatch. What I like about this site is the scientific knowledge I am gaining - the forums and videos have a vast amount of knowledge about genetics and how to match to others. So far, I am very impressed. However, I do not have my father's test results back yet, so I will be better able to judge when that happens.


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          I just wanted to add that I love Ancestry and it has shown me several new family members through its DNA program. However, due to its new system, I have lost some previous matches it had for me. Luckily I had already found them on Gedmatch, and they are still there. Not only do I match those "lost" matches on Gedmatch, but my sisters and other cousins do too. I feel like Ancestry dropped the ball for me in this aspect.


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            Originally posted by Katydid View Post

            I think the trees being set to all private might be a bug.
            It is a bug, if you have multiple kits you can check by setting tree privacy setting to show matches only, and none of your other kits, which match, will be able to view tree unless you have them linked to that tree.

            Currently trees have to be set to public for anyone including matches to view them (unless that match has been linked to tree)


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              If you spend any time on GEDmatch, you will probably notice (in the message forums, for example) that a very large number of people don't know what a GEDCOM file is, much less how to obtain one. Quite a few think that the GEDCOM is the same as the file that contains their DNA data. One more obstacle for the genetic genealogist!

              Entering information into a pedigree chart format should be easy. Uploading the same information from a GEDCOM file should be easy. Displaying a pedigree should be easy, too. As implemented in the Family Finder, nothing about the pedigree is easy. As a genealogist with over 50 years of experience, I have never seen a more awkward attempt at displaying pedigree information.

              Without the pedigree, there is no genealogy in genetic genealogy. Both the pedigree and the DNA data are necessary! The genealogy component of the Family Finder needs to be entirely reworked, and the sooner the better.


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                pedigree + Ydna 111

                Thank you - all of you: John McCoy, prairieLad, maureen1900, Katydid, ak.putnam, H J Winder. This is a bewildering world for me (b. 1944). I have done autosomal ancestryDNA, Genographic 2.0 Next generation and not "upgraded" to Ydna-111, family member match(es) at FT-DNA (via transfer here from Genographic 2). This is my first forum Reply (I believe). My surname group is "Braxton" but I have match on Y (I believe) with both Jones (quite a few) AND Hadley. Both those names are familiar to me. Would like to see my brother Elmer and (maternal side) cousin Gary.


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                  Since FTDNA's family tree viewer is worse than useless, I just advise people who want to compare trees to join GEDMatch, where they have a working system. It's apparent someone in the FTDNA company with enough clout and power that 'failure is not an option' invested sufficient ego into the viewer so that they won't back away from it, even though it renders their product worthless beyond the DNA results themselves.


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                    Interestingly enough, when FTDNA instituted the new Family tree format, several people deleted their previously easier to view pedigree format. I know I did.

                    Later on I added another pedigree tree from one I'd developed over at Ancestry. A strictly date and place of birth, marriage, and death, which can be of help to those who know something about their family and can link up to say my grandparents or back, etc. But FTDNA's trees are so awkward to navigate that unless a person has added a list of surnames to look at on the match page, I usually don't bother trying to look for names on the tree.


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                      I do not belong in the Tree! How to fix

                      I am the owner of a Y-DNA Elder project entry for my husband's family. It's my brother-in-law's DNA, not mine, and I want the starting person in my uploaded tree (which does not have any living relatives) to be a deceased ancestor. How do I prevent the upload from making me, owner of the account, the starting person in the Tree?


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                        GEDcom File Home Person

                        If your Tree is on Ancestry, click the drop-down menu arrow beside your Tree name and go into Tree Settings, your name will be that of 'Home Person' in the Tree, you can change it to that of anyone in your Tree, then download your GEDcom File to your computer. Once that is done, you can go back into Ancestry and change the 'Home' person back to yourself.