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OMG! I think I sent a wrong email with my order!

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  • OMG! I think I sent a wrong email with my order!

    I bought two orders, one for my big brother to do the Y67 testing to help connect us with others and other Scottish communities. Then I wanting to keep this order separate from my family, ordered another one for my Husbands family.. Obviously not blood related for at least many years that we know of. My husband has too many emails and I put a wrong email address for our test with him! I so hope someone else is not getting Family Tree DNA info with passwords and set numbers!
    I notified the group, I am connected to the one with my family DNA but it is a lot of money to spend and I am worried about the wrong email I posted. They realized even though they were separate orders that we ordered both sets as they shipped them both in one package coming to the same address. One to my husband and one to me for my brother. UGH!
    Another thing I am worried about is.. I ordered a Y67 for my brother so email, phone etc is me.. a female. Do I need to erase my name and contact info for my brothers DNA test? He is not very computer literate and will not understand much at all! Well even those numbers are hard to understand! haha... I wrote the stie, hopefully they get back soon.. but what a mess! Can anyone tell me it will all be okay? lol Thanks MacGrandma of White ancestry and also search for Gregor history from Scotland and surrounding areas!..

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    You could send a private message to Darren. He should be able to help you out. Let him know the kit numbers if you know them and explain the situation.

    As for the name on the Y67 kit for your brother, you can change the name on the kit when you log in to his. Since he will be the DNA donor of the test.


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      Absolutely write down the Kit Numbers!! Do not lose track of those. With the Kit Numbers, Customer Service can definitely help you.

      [Also, Keep track of Tracking number when send back in for your own peace of mind.]

      Did you get a confirmation e-mail for either of the Kits? If so, then you are a-okay for that kit since it will include the Kit Number and Password - so you can log in and change/add whatever e-mail you want [and see what e-mail(s) it was being sent to]

      If, for your husband, you only put down the one e-mail and now do not know what you put down -- suggest check all of his e-mails just in case confirmation e-mail was sent to one of them. If no such luck, then contact Customer Support, with Kit Number handy and how you entered name and address (all of which info you should have on package/Kit that arrived) and they should easily be able to help.
      I have had good luck calling them just at opening time - and MUCH better luck being understood when called than when submitted report in writing.

      Do make sure you see two different Kit Numbers. (Each kit usually has two vials, two plastic wands, one permission slip - vials and slip each have kit number, as well as envelope, I think.)
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