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    Is there a Customer Service email for FTDNA or do you have to go through the online form? I submitted one of these about a week ago and haven't even had an acknowledgement let alone a response to my questions.

    I know that organisations want you to use these online forms so that they can correctly categorise queries but, as a first time customer with FTDNA, it is very disheartening that there seems to be no urgency at all in dealing with my query (which revolves around a test kit that was mailed to FTDNA more than 2 and a half weeks ago that is still not showing as received on the myFTDNA page: all I want to know is should I be worried, or if this kind of wait is normal at least get some reassurance from the company to that effect.

    Any advice would be gratefully received!


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    The contact form is their email option. (Or you could call them.) I think depending on your message, they might focus on certain messages more than others. They have normally been quick with my queries but not always. I also think they had to deal with flooding again I think? Not sure, so that could have been a factor.

    As for your question, yes it is normal to have to wait that long. One of the main culprits for that waiting is the Houston mail sorting facility. Which is a US Post Office problem and not a FTDNA issue. Months ago a kit of mine took 20 days from the day I dropped it off at the post office to the day FTDNA marked it received in the kit. Though it is not always that bad. Back in March a kit I sent arrived in 4 days. You will need to check your order history to see if they have marked it received. Sometimes the emails they send out to notify you on updates are sent a few days after the fact.

    Did you write down the tracking number that was on the envelope before you sent it in? You can get an idea of where it is with that. What the post office does with FTDNA kits is put them in a bag once it is in the post office that delivers to FTDNA. So once the tracking number says it is "delivered", it just means its in this bag. Then usually on the following Monday it gets delivered to FTDNA. So check on Monday if it is marked received. Sometimes they do it on different days but most of the time it is on Monday. Then on Wednesday they "batch" the tests.

    After that they give you an expected range of dates of when your test will be done. Some tests get delayed and others arrive much sooner than the expected dates given. If they run into issues with the sample, they won't know until towards the end. If the sample was not good, they will ship out a new collection kit to the address in the contact page of that kit.