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Where is the blue Help button?

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  • Where is the blue Help button?

    The mtDNA and Y-DNA67 Information/Quick Steps Sheets that come with the results both say that "to find information about...on the Haplogroup & Ancestral Origins pages to look for the blue Help button".

    I can't see any blue help button on any of these pages? Where is the blue help button?

    I have emailed customer services but not received any response.

    I am brand new to all this so assume I missing the obvious!

    Thanks for help!

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    I would try this:

    Go to "My Dashboard" and on the left hand side, you will find a blue rectangle entitled "your account." At the bottom of this rectangle, there is a smaller square called "interpret your results."

    On the right hand side of the dashboard, you will see individual sections for MtDNA and YDNA. At the bottom of each section, there is a small line with an option to "learn more." If you click on this text, at the bottom of the screen that opens, you will see a big blue square button with the letters F.A.Q. That is all that I could come up with for blue buttons...


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      Regarding the blue Help button on the Haplogroup & Ancestral Origins pages: I don't think there is one anymore. I checked in the accounts I manage, and it's not where they say it will be. There is no link to any help or further information. The current "Understand Your Results" for mtDNA results and Y-DNA results still mentions this Help button, so something needs to be fixed.

      There may have been a Help button at the time the "Understanding Your Results" was originally written, but there have been redesigns of the myFTDNA pages over the last few years, and the blue button appears to have been removed. The blue Help button may have gone to an appropriate information page in the old FAQ. They should change it now to show a link to the similar page in the current Learning Center.

      Here are the Learning Center pages that give more information:
      mtDNA - Ancestral Origins page
      mtDNA - Haplogroup Origins page
      Y-DNA - Ancestral Origins page
      Y-DNA - Haplogroup Origins page


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        Thanks plus follow up

        Thanks for the replies to my simple question. I now understand that the "blue Help Button" has been removed (a long time ago it seems) and that I need to go to the Learning Centre. I received a separate reply from FTDNA people who confirmed this is the case and they acknowledged this is something that needs to be fixed. I am very surprised this has not been done already. If the very first experience to FTDNA is reading the "Understanding Your Results" pdf documents that give the wrong help then people may look elsewhere.
        It's such a simple thing to make sure any support/help documents are always up to date and relevant. I would like to add that the list of scientific papers on the website is not up to date - the list of papers doesn't seem to have been updated since 2013. Why is that?
        Regards, John