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Included father into T2 project - can't find him, or his group

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  • Included father into T2 project - can't find him, or his group

    He is T2D, I included him into T2 project, and made coding areas visible to administrators. I can not find him on the page, nor can I find any person with his group on the page, either?


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    I don't think customer support helps when it comes with group projects as those are handled by project admins. So when you have a problem with a project, email a project admin or co-admin. If they are active they will reply.

    First make sure your father's kit really is in the project you claim. Log onto his kit and look at the left side in the Projects section. Is that project listed there? If not, then you either did not join the project or you were removed. Some project admins will remove kits that don't belong.

    If he is part of the project then it could be a setting. Are you trying to look in the results page while logged on to your father's kit or while logged off? Maybe your father's kit is set to only show results to project members or to matches only. Log onto your father's kit, move the mouse over the kit number found at the top right. Click on Privacy Settings.

    In there look for the question: "Who can view my DNA results in group projects?" Is the answer Anyone? If no, make it Anyone so that you can see his kit listed in the project even when you are not logged on.

    If none of that helped you, then maybe the project admin or admins hid his results. Talk to one of them to see what is going on.