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Y-DNA test missing

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  • Y-DNA test missing

    I ordered the Y-DNA37 test for my father February 22. He took the test March 1st or 2nd and sent it in. Haven't heard peep yet about the lab receiving the kit yet. Should I be worried? I opened a request but have not heard back from anyone yet.

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    Login to the kit. Click on "Complete Order History". Find the "Received by Lab" line and see if they show a date there. Also look for "Batched".

    The last kit I sent in, I did not receive a message when it was received either. But when I log in I can see it did arrive and it was batched. Now all that remains is to wait about a month or more for the results depending on the test after it was batched.


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      It doesn't show being received, batched, or anything else. Just that a kit was ordered and sent out to me February 22 :-(


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        Oddly enough I just received an email notifying me that my kit has been received today. The account showed they received it a week ago, but I guess they send out the emails late. Did your father send it within the US? Did you copy the tracking number that was on the envelope? If you or your father did, that could tell you what happened to the kit.

        I sent this kit on Feb 29. It was marked received by FTDNA on March 4. Batched on March 9, but I got the email about them receiving it today March 11. Since you got it sent around the same time as I did, maybe it will arrive soon. The last kit I sent on January 5 was not received by FTDNA until January 25. There has been reports that the North Houston sorting facility can take long to get mail to Houston and therefore FTDNA.

        So I think it is too soon to worry about it being lost. The tracking number should help if you bothered to write it down.


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          Thank you Contemplator, that does help me a lot. If this is something that is known to happen then I won't worry as much. I appreciate it!


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            It can take way longer than a week to get from home to FTDNA. From what I have read, often sits in Houston PO for a week or more.

            I just got an e-mail (for a Kit I ordered for a relative) telling me my kit had arrived "today" (= March 12th) -- when I logged in, Complete Order History showed it was received by the Lab on 2/22/2016, Batched on 2/24/2016.

            This is way longer after arrival for that email than for other Kits I have ordered in the Past - but quite honestly, if they cannot focus on everything, I would rather they focused their attention and manpower on processing the Kits and results and let this notification be late.


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              Alright, finally I got the notice today that it was received by the lab. Wow, apparently that Houston facility center is slowwwwwww.

              Hopefully if others have to wait they can read this thread and see that it isn't out of the ordinary to wait that long for it arrive at the lab.