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CAnt even send a query/complaint thorugh the Contact Us form

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  • CAnt even send a query/complaint thorugh the Contact Us form

    What a waste of time and effort.
    4 attempts to lodge a query/comlaint and not once will the form go through.
    Always get the Houston we have problem.
    Cant email helpdesk, autoreply told to use the Contact Us form.
    I guess its Sunday in America so no point phoning, not that I consider phoning from Australia an option.

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    How are you trying to use the contact form and when does it tell you there is a problem? Maybe it is a browser issue, have you tried with a different web browser?


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      It tells me Houston has problem after I have entered all my details on the request form, typed my message, entered the security code and press submit.
      I'm using the browser I usually use, and have no problems with at FTDNA most of the time.
      (I changed to Firefox years ago as I had so many issues with FTDNAs website.)


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        I haven't tried to use the contact form today and I don't want to try without having something to actually say. So instead I suggest you private message Darren. Click on that link. Go to Contact info and send him a private message. He is a support specialist and will be able to help. Make sure to mention your kit number and any information on what you want help on.


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          Thanks Contemplator
          I was wondering how to contact Darren.


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            You can send me a Private Message. If you left click my name in this thread you will have the option to send a private message. I have been getting other Contact forms this morning so I am not certain what may be the problem. Feel free to send me a message and I would be happy to help.

            Family Tree DNA


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              Ive just sent a PM Darren.