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Free unlock when transfering atDNA results to FTDNA?

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  • Free unlock when transfering atDNA results to FTDNA?

    Hi, Has anyone had trouble getting the free unlock of your matches to work when transferring autosomal DNA results to FTDNA from another testing service?

    I transferred my autosomal DNA results to FTDNA from 23andme last year when they made the offer to transfer your raw data for free to see limited info. about your top 20 matches and unlock all of your matches if you could get 4 additional people to upload their raw data--using your special link-- as well. (5 total. You + 4 other people.) It's been saying I need one more person to upload using my link for quite awhile. I finally uploaded one more kit using my link. That person's top 20 matches have populated, but it still says I need to find one more person to upload.

    I'm sure that the correct link was used to upload the results because I did it myself. Any insights?
    Thanks for your help, Jenny Stephenson

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    People have had issues with the Autosomal Transfer in the past. Sometimes they even disable it while trying to get it fixed up, so perhaps you used the transfer link at a bad time and therefore it was not registered. You could try the contact form to see what they tell you.

    To contact them go to "Customer Support" at the top of the forums. Click on "Open a request". For category, I guess it would be "Transfers". I don't know how they keep track of transfers, it is possible there was some glitch and part of the system knows you have had the 4 transfers and another part hasn't triggered the unlocking. Maybe you can even tell them the kit number of the last transfer and they can check.

    If they are able to help you, please let us know in case others have a similar issue as you.


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      The response I got was:
      Hi Bob,
      Thanks for contacting us. I apologize for the delay in our response. We received a high volume while our office was closed over the holiday weekend. We do offer to unlock one of the transfer kits for free once you have transferred a total of five kits. If you send us all of the kit numbers and indicate which transfer you would like unlocked for free, we can make that happen for you.

      Katy R.
      Information Specialist
      Family Tree DNA