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  • Received by Lab: Pending

    I put my uncle's Y67 sample in the mail on Saturday, December 26. I know there was a holiday for New Year's the next week, but not including Saturdays, I count 9 business days since the sample was mailed (from New Orleans area to Houston--which should be very quick).

    However, his information page still doesn't even show that the test has been received by the lab (it shows 'pending').

    Is this normal? Is there a certain time period after which I should start to wonder if there is an issue?

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    Did you copy the tracking number on the envelope before sending back? It is still too soon to worry about it.

    What ends up happening is that the post office holds the kits until they have full bags or have a set day to deliver them. Then it takes them a bit to register them as received and start testing.


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      Unfortunately I did not think to copy the tracking number (kicking myself now). Is there a day of the week they usually update the information in the system? I thought I read somewhere that FTDNA usually updates on Thursday. Is that true?

      I love that in today's day and age we are able to take amazing tests like this, but I sure do wish it was faster! If I remember correctly, my yDNA test that I took last year took nearly 4 months all told and the wait was agonizing.


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        If there is a day that they update, I don't know about it. Perhaps there is a certain day they receive their bags of kits from the post office. No idea the details on that.

        If it helps, here is some info on a kit I administer. I ordered it on Aug 6, 2015. I received an email about a package being sent on Aug 7. I'm pretty sure I sent it back either the day it arrived or the next day. Don't remember the specific day. It was marked as received and I was sent an email about it on Aug 24. It was batched on Aug 26. The results were posted on Oct 2. I received the email about the results being posted on Oct 6.

        So if you do the math and subtract three or so days for the time it took to get to me, then that means it took about 2 weeks for it to get to FTDNA. Though I'm pretty sure it only really took less than a week. The rest was just waiting in their bag before being handed to them. Aug 24th was a Monday. Maybe they get kits on a per week basis or amount basis.

        Also, I've read on other threads that FTDNA batches on Wednesdays. So if it arrives on Thursday, you'll have to wait until next week just to get it batched.


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          I've had at least three cases where kits were marked as "received: pending" right up to and including Wednesday, but then marked as received and batched by Thursday morning. I know that they do their weekly batches on Wednesday afternoon, so I have a feeling that they often don't even open and log the mail until the last minute.


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            I sent my Y67 kit back sometime during the week after Christmas and my account still says "received: pending" and I have not gotten any kind of acknowledgment that they have received it.


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              The problem could be the Houston Post Office and not FTDNA itself. I've seen threads mention that mail gets stuck in Houston's sorting facility and therefore takes longer to arrive. So not only are our kits having to compete with more and more incoming kits, they also have to compete with all other mail in the system.

              Maybe we should all post the dates of our pending kits to get a better feel for how long the wait will be.

              I shipped a kit on Jan 5. Tracking shows it departed North Houston on Jan 6 and is in transit. Ten days later and still no new update.


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                I've order some single SNPs, a couple of SNP panels, and a pair of Y67-111 upgrades.

                In all cases, they were "pending" until completed. My dad's original Y67 test did have a predicted date (it was batched late July, done end of October) which was extended twice.


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                  Happy to report that my kit was received by the lab last Thursday and is now in processing. I'm encouraged by a lot of the message posts I've been reading about relatively quick recent processing times.....fingers crossed (I HATE WAITING with a passion!)


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                    Just received an email saying that the lab had received my kit - about 3 weeks after the kit was mailed in.