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Offscreen text, unanswerable questions

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  • Offscreen text, unanswerable questions

    Has anyone else found that in going to the TREE view from their dashboard, that the Question "Do you want deceased people in your family tree, etc" truncates so that you cannot answer the question, along with the entire bottom of the screen?
    I have dual monitors, two browsers (IE and Chrome) and recently changed from Ge210 chip card to Gt730 card, and got the same results on this screen, with all browers, all monitors, and all vid cards: a question that cannot be answered.
    Changing window sizes with Ctrl has no effect.
    Resizing the entire screen with vid card chip settings has no effect.

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    Yes, that about sums it up! Family Finder tree is extremely buggy and hard to use. There is supposed to be a revision or new interface in the works. I hope it gets thoroughly tested before it is rolled out.