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  • FTDNA groups and personal info visible

    When I click someones name on myFTDNA groups page, it pops up info sheet about that person.

    When I click my name, it pops up window where I see the last names (which I have typed to my profile). The Family Finder, Y-dna and mtDna are N/A. I have got already FF and mtFull tests results and Y67 result is still pending.

    One other user had on her info in mtdna box HVR2. How she has got it visible? And what it means? Does it mean that whe have common match in HVR2? Or what?

    I have searched setting on my profile, where to set the mtDna and other things visible. I haven't found such setting. Are there any? Or does the www-page display them automatically if something special like matches detected? Why I don't see my own data? Only last names from list, which I have typed to profile.
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    Clicking on members and info shown depends on their settings

    Privacy Settings
    Who can see me in project member lists?
    Anyone or Project members

    Clicking on your own name will show N/A in each test category due to fact, this is showing you which test you match that project member in and you are not a match to yourself, meaning you are not on your own match lists listed as a match.

    Lady who has HVR2 listed, should also be one of you HVR2 matches.
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      Dear prairielad! Lot of thanks to you. I haven't thought previously, when I was just newbie, what the settings really means.