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Where to find a batch number

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  • Where to find a batch number

    This isn't actually a grumble or a gripe (at least not for a while), but I couldn't determine which forum this question fits. I know that orders are batched, and I recall seeing a batch number with a prior order, which I used as a guide when following threads discussing the ETA for specific batches. I just ordered an upgrade from Y-37 to Y-67 and can't find the batch number. Where would I locate it? And is there an official listing of the current batch being processed? And if there isn't, perhaps there should be one of those old-fashioned "Now serving number...." signs posted somewhere!

    Thanks in advance for some direction here.

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    Orders are batched on Wednesdays, although the batch number doesn't show up until Thursday. You can find your batch number either under orders or pending results. Today's batch number should be 650.