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  • Redacted snps

    There is no fda requirement that ftdna must redact snps from peoples data. They only require that a company not make medical claims or provide medical interpretations. Giving people all their raw data that they paid for rather than having, but refusing to release,, the data seems to me unfair.

    I dont know if its some misguided big brother nonsense. More likely, early on someone must have thought they could make more money that way.

    I think they'd make more money now if they got rid of tthe useless restriction especially given recent competitor changes that leave new people deciding where to test and old people deciding which company to recommend
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    Right about now I wish this page had a 'like' button.

    I stopped recommending FTDNA as the first stop, and this is one of the reasons


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      Thanks. it seems so strange and wonder what (financial) incentive they had to do this. whatever it was, i'm sure its outdated and they should rethink it. Theyre certainly losing my recommendation because of it - but i guess two dozen or so people isn't enuf for them to care.