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"I have added you to my tree at FTDNA"

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  • "I have added you to my tree at FTDNA"

    So I manage 27 kits.

    Today I received an email saying " (Name) has added you to his tree. Click here to see it". OK, when I click "here", the circle just goes round and round and a notice says I am not logged in and I can see more if I do so. Problem is-just who of the 27 kits I should log in to see this person's tree?????? I can not reply as it is a canned email.

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    and that is why every kit I manage has it's own unique address, which is then forwarded to my primary genealogy mailbox. This way, I only have to monitor one mailbox, but can see who the emails were addressed to.

    I know that doesn't help you solve this immediate issue, but you may want to consider it for future...