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    Hi, I am both a dna customer of both FTDNA and Ancestry. I always considered FTDNA more technically astute as far as this field. However, your tools in finding matches are absolutley horrible, and no where near as good as Ancestry.

    There is got to be a better way. Please improve this.

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    It would be a lot more useful if you stated what you were actually looking for rather than asking for something to be improved and not say in what way.

    Have you bothered to read up on how to use the chromosome browser and the matrix? These are very useful tools that can help to establish a match accurately, I am incredulous as to why you would describe them as 'absolutely horrible'. From reading these forums, I would be quite clear that many people are getting great benefit out of using them.

    A more intelligent discussion of the failings you see in Family Tree DNA's tools may benefit us all.


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      I have to agree with what Lucky posted. Your complaint is so general that we can't intelligently address it. Perhaps there's some misunderstanding you have about how to use FTDNA's match tools or what they show. But we don't know because your criticism is so general.

      I'll also add that, of the three testing companies, Ancestry gives the least information about matches and evaluation tools to use in analysis. At this point, Ancestry doesn't give users a chromosome browser, which FTDNA and 23andMe do. Ancestry made a positive step in the last few weeks by informing users when two matches both share the same 4th cousin or closer. But without a chromosome browser to see if the three people have an overlapping segment, Ancestry still leaves you guessing about the details of the match and how the three may be related.