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The Unhappily Disappearing Native Ancestors

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    Originally posted by khazaria View Post
    Well according to your new argument here -- which contradicts your previous statement about "true" versus false inhabitants of a land -- we can also say U.S.-born descendants of British people have the right to live in the U.S., too, as they have an American nationality and were born there. No need for you to discuss the centuries-ago colonialism of the Brits, French, and Spaniards in the New World then. That's old news.

    You didn't read Michael Medved's article yet did you? Most Amerindians in the lands today comprising the U.S. died from lack of immunity to European diseases.

    No it wouldn't. This isn't a proper comparison, because of those two only the Shoah was deliberate genocide, in which two of my great-great-grandparents were killed.

    Very contentious arguments you're using here.

    So in another switch you've turned against one of your arguments and now you think the land of Judea and Samaria is being "occupied" by the Israelis, even though their ancestors were living there thousands of years ago and descend in part from the even more ancient Canaanites and the other natives? DNA testing proved that.

    Many Gazans' ancestors came from Egypt. Who's doing the occupying?
    ok maybe all of them were killed because of diseases then. in french it's called mauvaise foi....


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      Originally posted by khazaria View Post
      It is true. Here are your very own words from

      "What happened is FTDNA removed the Maya, Pima, and Colombian reference populations and only left Karitiana and Surui."
      - "Armando on July 29, 2014 at 3:15 pm said"

      The Surui and Karitiana live in Brazil - South America.

      Do you know why the others were removed?
      And is there any outreach newly attempting to encourage some U.S. tribes to join a research project?
      Thank you for reminding me Khazaria. I can't believe I forgot that FTDNA removed those. I was concentrating too much on other people overlooking Pima and Mayan as being North American when they talk of other companies and Gedmatch calculators that do include Pima and Maya. I apologize for assuming you meant the same.

      They were removed because some of the participants, not all, weren't 100% NA but some were and other companies use them without a problem.

      I haven't heard of any new outreach attempts at encouraging U.S. and Canadian tribes to join a research project.


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        Not 100% NA. That's what I thought the reason was. But in that case they could at least use a partial Maya (etc) sample and try to recruit more and eventually they'd find a sufficient number of un-admixed participants. I had a Guatemalan friend at college who called himself a Maya and he did look fully Maya. I wonder how he's doing these days. Recruit him


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          Originally posted by boutrosdu93 View Post
          maybe because there's money in france
          So basically you will live around evil people that you despise as long as the money is good? That doesn't say much for your morals, does it?


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            Thread has gone off topic.

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