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  • Where Are The New FF Matches

    I had one match on Aug 24th and before that Aug 7th. Some if not all my matches from these dates are old matches with new dates.

    Am I the only one not getting new matches?

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    All the profiles I administer have had very few new matches over the last 3-4 weeks. I did read on another thread a comment about having to re-run batches of Familyfinder tests, but not heard anymore about it. A bit of a match famine!


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      1/2finn, you're definitely not the only one. My kits aren't getting new matches, either, and we usually receive 5-15 per week (each). Here's hoping that the matches will soon begin to roll in again.


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        There haven't been any Family Finder results released in 3 weeks save for some reruns and transfers. Whatever the real reason FTDNA chooses to stay mum on the issue. The good news is that Family Finder backlogs clear pretty quickly when things get going again.


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          My family members haven't had any new matches since Aug 7, except for a couple I recognize as transfers from Ancestry.

          My Ancestry matches have really slowed down too, and most of the new ones I do get have no trees.

          23andMe has actually picked up a tiny bit lately. My mother got a close match with whom she shares 7 segments of DNA, and that one, of course, did not respond to my sharing request!

          The close ones never do respond and my mother has never had a close match here (other than cousins I asked to test). What do they think I'm going to do, ask for money or an invitation to their homes??? All I want to do is identify our common ancestors!

          All my mother's close matches are at 23andMe or Ancestry, and the ones I can identify are not in her mystery line. I must be missing something.


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            Maybe the lab capacity has been reduced while staff took summer holidays.


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              So it sounds like everyone is lacking in new matches. I wonder why FTDNA is always keeping us in the dark.


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                No Matches

                I've had at least a couple show up with new dates. I know it's the same one because the notes I'd made were still there. And nothing new since about the 8th. I sort by date to look for new ones.


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                  I have some matches that are labeled from 8/24, but when I went to add them into my spreadsheet that I track matches with, I already had them listed as from 8/7.

                  Not sure what is going on with FTDNA and the dates. Some of the matches I have from when I got my results have been updated to have new dates. When I sort my results by date, it makes it seem like I have a lot of new results from this summer, but most of them are old matches with new dates.

                  This summer, my number of matches on 23&Me has gone down drastically as well. I used to get 20+ new matches a month, and now it's down to 5-10 a month. My total number of matches decreases on 23&Me has decreased by 100 as well. I'm not sure if they have a new algorithm or if people are opting out. Every single one of my new matches on 23 & Me have been Ashkenazi (which if I have an ancestor who was Jewish, it was likely in the 16th century). IMO, I think people are using 23&Me as a cheap way to testing for genetic diseases now and not using it for DNA genealogy.

                  On Ancestry I have been getting at least 10 matches a week. Some weeks more. It's been too much to keep up with. Nearly all my matches are Irish there. It's crazy the differences in the matches.