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  • Getting a little irritating

    Okay, got a new match...but it was a match from several weeks ago Guess it could have been a transfer from Ancestry or 23&Me but there should be some way for FTDNA to indicate that with a * or something so we would know.

    I also just transferred dna from Ancestry but after I saw my full set of matches I removed my account since the matches were all exactly the same.

    Please, people, if you already have an account on FTDNA and then transfer dna from Ancestry just to get a glimpse to see if your matches are the same....then....please remove that Ancestry account. It's confusing.

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    Do you mean people who have already tested with FTDNA and then also pay again to upload their raw data from Ancestry? I have noticed a few matches appear twice in my list, and wondered why that was. I also have quite a lot that suddenly have the date they matched change to a more recent date. Seems to have been going on for a while.


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      So you're saying people are testing with Family Finder and then paying to transfer their AncestryDNA results here too? That wouldn't make sense, I could see somebody transferring over for the free offer just to see maybe but then you wouldn't see them in your match list unless they upgraded.

      If the person does appear in your match list twice it should be easy enough to spot, I doubt many people would be doing this. My guess is the person you see with the new match date just had their data rerun through the matching database. This has been going on quite a while with all the server/database problems. I know I've had to ask that one of my kits would be rerun through the database as it returned the myOrigins data but after a week never returned any matches.


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        The main problem that I've seen in this area is simply that match dates shift around. I download match data, sort it & store it in Excel. I sort it by match date, surname, & first name. This tells me which ones are new.

        But if Family Tree DNA tinkers with the database behind the scenes & assigns new match dates to old matches (from like 2011), it can be very hard to sort out, especially now that many of us have well over 1,000 matches.

        Since names can be changed by the customer, the match date is really what should be immutable. Once assigned, leave it alone!

        Timothy Peterman