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  • McBlzr
    Those people deserve 25 demerits for NO Family Tree Info

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  • DonC
    started a topic Linking Relations

    Linking Relations

    I have been a participant of Family Tree DNA for several years. Over those years, I have received many notices of possible DNA links.

    I cannot recall ever having found an actual genealogical link as a result.

    I do not doubt the tests, but what seems problematic is that users seem reluctant to post much if any of their genealogical pedigree on the FTDNA site. So, in trying to make actual matches, often the only thing one can go on is the person's name.

    So, my gripe would be that as users of the service, if finding actual family links is important to you, then folks need to start to post pedigree information so that others have some names and places which might allow links.