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Imported a Tree Too Large to Delete

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  • Imported a Tree Too Large to Delete

    I made the mistake of importing my entire family tree of more than 100K people. On my mother's side we go back to early Massachusetts. I am descended from multiple Mayflower passengers and passengers from other ships. Now when I try to delete it, I get timed out because it takes too long. Is there anyway someone on familytreedna's end could delete it for me? I managed to delete quite a bit, but I can't navigate the tree because the wheel keeps turning even when I have it set to family view 1 generation. I'd like to import a new tree with just ancestors and the lines to some matches on here.

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    Finally Able to Delete Tree

    I was finally able to delete my tree. It took quite a while, but everything was working and cooperative.


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      I gave up long ago trying to import my tree. So I just entered stuff manually to FTDNA. But it is nowhere near complete. If someone wants to see my Ancestry tree, then they can contact me.