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  • Waiting, waiting, waiting for results

    I had my DNA done here and it was processed within a reasonable amount of time, but my cousin, who ordered the Ydna test has waited for MONTHS to get his results. Is this usual for the Ydna or is it more likely that they had to re-do the test? He has not been given any reason for the continued delays.

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    According to this page, the current average wait time for a Y-DNA test is 11-12 weeks.


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      What is his batch number? Mine is 625 and I'm still waiting!
      Received at FTDNA on 5/29/2015. I was told that from then it takes about 9 to 13 weeks.


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        My Y-DNA 111 took 3+ months to get results back.


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          I'm in batch 622 and I'm still waiting. I ordered a upgrade for Y in begining of May for about 100 bucks. theyve changed the due date about 6 times so far. the latest is aug 26-sept 9. So i'm looking at 4 months minimum. I've griped about this elsewhere, initially asking if this was just me or everyone, and not appreciating them not just giving an honest estimate rather than moving the deadline every few weeks. Answer seems to be alot of people, not just me, but not everyone. but alot more people than would be expected on rare "quality control" issues that cause delays.


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            I don't know his batch #, but he has the same time frame of late Aug/early Sept. It was supposed to be done in June, then July, then Aug and now, Sept. This is just silly. We are both disappointed but nothing we can do, I suppose.