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Does Family Tree DNA not still stand by its results?

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  • Does Family Tree DNA not still stand by its results?

    One reason why I have so whole heartedly recommended Family Tree DNA over the years is its combination of excellent customer service and habit of redoing any test where there is reason to question the result.

    When two different testing companies gave me different results on my mitochondrial full sequence, Family Tree DNA redid it - and Family Tree DNA's was right. Then the other company admitted he decided that the same SNPs didn't warrant reporting to me.

    When a member of my McKinstry project, where they belong to a large clade that has null DYS 425 came up with DYS 425 not equal to 0, they redid the test, and the correct value was 0.

    Now I've got a member of a group of haplotpyes I'm following, and all the others have DYS 565 = 11. MOST haplogroup I1 people have DYS 565 = 11. His DYS 565 is 13. This guy clearly belongs to a group of families known to have traded Y DNA; without this probable error, he has a gd from them of 3 at 67 markers. I've no idea who this guy is. I wrote to the haplogroup I1 project admin, which project this man belongs to, and he replied that Family Tree DNA won't redo the test unless someone pays for it!

    Now, I know things have gotten a bit strange at Family Tree DNA... perhaps the custom of being honest was a Thomas Krahn practice or something and now it's gone by the wayside... on the other hand the haplogroup I1 leadership have a track record of being a bit strange.

    DOES Family Tree DNA still retest questionable results?

    If not, I'll certainly stop recommending them so highly to people. Honestly!

    Dora Smith

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    Sounds like the MTDNA retest was proper and legit while they are less keen to step in retest Y-DNA in order to massage some mens' egos.