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Is it typical to have so few matches?

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  • Is it typical to have so few matches?

    My Y is clearly Celtic (CTS11722), but I have no matches at 111, 1 at 67, 1 at 37, 1 at 25 and maybe 8 at zero distance at 12. I know what non-Celts tend to have fewer because FTDNA seems to be especially popular among Celts, but my results just seem to be odd.
    My guesses as to why include (bad) luck of the draw, not enough people tested, genetic or fertility issue, imprisonment, infectious disease, etc.. Unfortunately, the paper trail up this line is not much good either.
    Is there anyone else out there who has had a similar experience?

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    Not really answering your question, but please provide additional information

    Please select Advanced Matches, then only Y-DNA12, then Run Report.

    How many matches do you see?

    And in Advanced Matches, if you only select Y-DNA25, how many matches do you see?

    W. (Mr.)


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      Same results running the search via advanced, but thanks for the suggestion.


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        My father is R-M222. Many members of his clade reach the thousand match cutoff. However, my father is off modal at ten of the first 37 markers. He has:

        32 matches at 12 markers, genetic distance of zero, an additional 128 at a distance of one

        2 matches at 25 with a genetic distance of one, 44 more at a distance of two

        no matches at 37 markers

        6 matches at 67, all genetic distance 7

        2 very important matches with variants of my surname at 111markers. We were able to prove a distant connection using Big Y. It turns out my father didn't need a lot of matches. I hope you have similar luck with yours.



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          Yes, the M222 people seem to have more matches. Even your dad, with the off modal markers, has a bunch at Y67.
          Thanks for your input, as it gives me a better feel for what might be going on.


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            Few matches is normal

            I have 3 matches only with families with non-matching surnames in known non-paternal events, all within the last 265 years, and then everyone else seem to be 6 or 7 off at 67. I consider 6 or 7 off at 67 to be some ancient event of long ago before Christ. If I go to Y-Search I do have two folk that match my surname and me within 0 - 2 which is nice and I am separated from their lines by at least 265 years. I think they were recruited to test though for universities. I've been tested since 2003 so few matches is typical. Europeans know the genealogically useful records there are usually worse than the USA's so the incentive isn't there as much.
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              You are Lucky

              You are very lucky I have no matches at all. My predicted Haplogroup is I-M253.