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Child whose mother was not his spouse

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  • Child whose mother was not his spouse

    I have an ancestor who had an illegitimate child and never married the mother. (He was already married at the time.) And yet I have no way of showing that the child's mother is not his spouse. I don't suppose I am the only person with this issue. Can we make a change that will allow for a mother and father who are not married to each other and may even be married to others at the time?

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    Do you mean in myFamilyTree ?

    W. (Mr.)


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      The MyTree tool on FTDNA has the purpose to show genetical relations. It doesn´t care, if child was from a wild relation or not.

      If you like to work with a professional tree tool, where you can add more than one wife, relation and childs related to them, You might download a tree tool from MyHeritage or Ancestry.

      You can work with these tools, make a dataexport of a Gedcom (the fileformat of those tools) if you change memberdata or add new direct ancestors in the tree and upload the gedcom then to FTDNA. That´s easier to handle. Of course not, when you change it every day ;-)


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        Originally posted by Petra View Post
        The MyTree tool on FTDNA has the purpose to show genetical relations.
        I see it the same way. Genetically every child has a mother and a father, even in Bigamist or Polygamist families or in Patchwork families. Genes do not ask for paperwork, they do not ask if you are married, biology has nothing to do with juridical law.
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          I find the my heritage trees annoying as they automatically change the child's mothers name to Mrs - whatever the fathers name is. I can't work out how to stop it doing it. With Ancestry trees you can add several children with different partners and the names don't change.