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Batch 630 - Y immediately delayed

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  • Batch 630 - Y immediately delayed

    I ordered my dad a FF and Y67 test. Nearly immediately the Y status went into a delay notification. Just curious if others are seeing the same? I find it curious.

    09/02/2015 - 09/16/2015 Results for your Y-DNA testing have been delayed. We have updated your predicted completion date, and action by you is not usually required. Note that predicted dates are an estimate and subject to lab volume and quality control.

    The FTDNA website says tests normally take 6-8 weeks (without being specific on which type). The following link says 11-12 for the Y, but the message above hints 7-9 weeks from when the test was batched.

    As of July 8, 2015, the following tests have delays in normal turnaround times:
    Y-DNA – 11 to 12 weeks

    Big Y – 7 to 8 weeks

    So, which do we believe? Now my expectations are really screwed up. I knew from recent prior experience that Y tests can be slow. And I figured somewhere near the end of September I'd look for Y results. Then this surprise "delay" message hints at a delay which has a date significantly earlier than late September/early October. So, is the delay message on my test progress indicating a delay relative to the "normal" processing time? If so, why is the message directly above saying 11-12? Project management needs to sort out what's going on a talk to each other.

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    Worry not, please! FTDNA is a most reliable company but sometimes things happen which can cause delays. Your test results will come through although maybe not on the original time schedule. Hang in there. You are not the first person to have encountered a scheduling difficulty.


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      I'm not worried, I've ordered a bunch of (different) tests with differing speeds (my first Y test was >12 weeks, so familiar with the wait).

      What I find annoying is the conflicting messages. I'm not sure what to believe. Curious if others are seeing the same with batch 630.


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        For what it's worth, I had a FF & Y67 batched May 7. The FF results were completed the first week in June; the Y67 was completed exactly 2 months after being batched (July 7).

        Original estimated date for Y67 was June 17 through July 1.

        Delayed estimated date was July 22 through August 5.