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  • False match notifications

    I received several FF close match notifications today that turned out to be false. I also noticed that the MO AJ of one of my project participants turned into EE. Anyone else experience either one of these phenomenon?

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    You can take a look at the post of khazaria that details similar recent changes.

    I did not see an official explanation from FTDNA.

    Recently there were people who had the lab results re-run and posted with new dates, notifications about new matches while you are still seeing the same matches can happen.

    W. (Mr.)


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      False new close matches

      I've gotten numerous messages this morning regarding members of my FF Project. So far, it only involves 4 of near 70 project members, but these 4 all have had their FF results since 2010 which are now showing up with a 2nd completed date of 7/17/15 or 7/18/15. My co-admin, one whose results have been effected by whatever is going on had this to say:

      It started last night with messages saying my Family Finder results had been uploaded, followed by a number of the other kits I manage. Then e-mails announcing close family finder matches. I tried to check the website last night and got a message saying it was too busy to respond. This morning I checked and all my notes and relationships were still there but it looks like the rankings have changed and probably some of the amounts of shared DNA. It will take some close checking to figure out what they did but it looks like they reprocessed the data.


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        IT = interminable trauma

        Twenty "new" but very familiar Family Finder matches today.

        Please not more computer problems!