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The Contact Form - does it work?

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  • The Contact Form - does it work?

    Does this actually work? Was in my latest Awaiting Results excuse... (Actually batch 606).

    I think the worst part about the form is the fact it says if you send multiple messages it will take longer... so unless they're taking the messages off the top of the pile like they're doing with the DNA results... it makes no logical sense apart from saying "If you nag us we'll ignore you, even though we took your money 6 months ago and show no sign of delivering what you paid for". In all honesty considering I sent the message last week and had nothing back I half expect to be given an expected date much like I have with my DNA.

    Good job FTDNA. Get your act together.

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    Most replies from the online contact form take up to 10 business days. When you get a reply, sometimes it is no better then the canned delay messages that you get.


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      If you want a prompt response, file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. That usually gets their attention.


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        I've never had any difficulty getting a response, although I always have to wait several days.

        I can only imagine that if one were to send them a message just venting, rather than asking about a specific problem or situation, they might not respond as fast.

        Timothy Peterman


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          The original goal is to keep helpdesk responses to a 48 hour turn around time. This will increase with the volume of emails coming in. Earlier today I was answering interpretation based emails from five to six days ago (including weekend).

          Family Tree DNA


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            Originally posted by MoonBeam86 View Post
            "If you nag us we'll ignore you, even though we took your money 6 months ago and show no sign of delivering what you paid for"
            I agree that that particular behavior of the Contact Form is nasty and insulting.

            Unfortunately, it is also not uncommon among corporations whose customer service has a large backlog. I remember that at one time, Sprint told customers over the phone that they must wait 72 hours before calling again (even about a billing problem), otherwise they would be placed on a "troublesome customer" list and treated even worse. This was at a time when it might take 15 minutes to get to customer service at all.

            I cite this merely as another example, not to open a discussion about cellular carriers.
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              Initial response ok - follow up not ok

              My initial response to the contact form was timely and polite. They asked for a copy of my gedcom file. I sent it and have heard nothing since. I still can't get a family tree going for potential matches to look at.

              I've been trying at intervals since January to see if the issue with uploading gedcoms has been fixed.


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                Hi Mike P,

                Can you please send me a private message with the Issue ID. I would be happy to follow up.

                Family Tree DNA