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Anyone know why batch 622 delayed - or is it just my data?

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    Guys, batch numbers are totally irrelevant to when your test actually starts running or when you receive your results.

    FTDNA has described them as an "accounting function".

    Your test may be "batched" on a certain date, but may not actually be started until several weeks later (or more).

    This info came directly from the lab director as relayed to me by the president of the company. You can take it to the bank.


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      Originally posted by PeBe View Post
      I agree, to me this seems to be a strange business policy considering FTDNAs backlog. I am sure the best advertisement for FTDNA would be to shorten the delivery times instead of announcing further sales actions.
      I gladly would pay double the price if that would halve the waiting time.
      then you clearly have money to spare because these results will be the same for years. paying twice for one's impatience....


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        Originally posted by boutrosdu93 View Post
        then you clearly have money to spare....
        You ever heard of "Time Is Money"?

        Some have rather money than time to spare. The decision should be left to the customer.


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          time is money is completely irrelevant in this meaning. it means that if you can produce more in less time you earn more money..
          paying more to have it faster is nonsensical to me sorry.