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    In preparation for the flood I have started work on an Ark to get through the destruction.


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      Originally posted by John View Post
      All of the panels that I am aware of, and admittedly I am sure I do not know of them all, have been put together without, or with very little, input from the haplogroup project administrators.
      My understanding of the situation is mostly the opposite. As far as I know, every SNP pack offered by FTDNA is based on the initial suggestion and extensive input and feedback of at least one (sub)haplogroup project administrator.

      The problem, as far as I can see, is a difference in goals. Here is a typical sequence:
      1) An enthusiastic administrator of a very specific subhaplogroup project proposes a SNP pack for his very specific subhaplogroup.
      2) FTDNA wishes to oblige, but points out that this very specific subhaplogroup is not a sufficient market in itself, and that the technology well supports an expansion of the SNP pack to include the subgroup's siblings and perhaps even its parent's siblings.
      3) The subgroup administrator either (a) foolishly refuses to cooperate further, or (b) cooperates but can provide little help since he has no expertise in other branches of the haplotree.
      4) FTDNA foolishly neglects to seek additional input from administrators for those other branches.
      5) At long last, FTDNA offers the SNP pack, but doesn't make clear that it is really intended for only one very specific subhaplogroup.
      Originally posted by John View Post
      FTDNA has not updated the haplotrees of the Big Y takers to reflect those statuses.
      I agree that this needs to happen, and in fact it should be done simultaneous with the SNP pack rollout.


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        Until such time as FTDNA starts updating their Y-DNA Haplogroup tree, and stops marketing unneeded SNP test/panels other companies are offer a better service, for a cheaper price, and has a customer service departments that will answer questions.