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  • Suggestion to FTDNA

    A little suggestion to FTDNA, take a leaf out of Gedmatchs book and get a little note section at the top of your log in page to let us know whats going on, a simple thing that gets dated and changed when something happens, simple things like Chromosome browser not working properly, working on fixing it, then annouce when it's fixed, same with the problem today again of one person showing as Parent or Child to a lot of people, if we all saw this noted before we logged in then people especially adopted people or people looking for their children wouldn't get that excited feeling only for it to be whipped away again from them

    FTDNA you are playing with peoples very real emotions with some of your glitches, inform people in real time, not when you get 100's of questions about the same thing and have to answer, people may not loose faith and stop recommending your company then...

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    Definitely needed.