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We Found a New Y-DNA Relative! - FALSE Notifications

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  • We Found a New Y-DNA Relative! - FALSE Notifications

    "We Found a New Y-DNA Relative!" These repeated e-mail notifications are very annoying and disrupting in my family research. When will this False Notification issue be fixed?

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    I don't know if they are truly false notifications or way DELAYED notifications... I tend to think the later because I am getting them only one tests I never got previous e-mails for... but I agree, very annoying! I am glad they are finally sending notifications, but they need to work out the kinks in timing of the notifications. I got notification of all of my known immediate family matches (all kits that I ordered of my own immediate family) weeks after they processed. Yesterday though, I did get a TIMELY e-mail about my mtDNA... so I am hopefully that it might improve.


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      I've had two different notifications of Y DNA matches this week and in both cases the notification was three days after the date of the match. Unfortunately they were down there at 12 and 25 markers, so they were of no value to me, but at least I am getting notifications, even if a little delayed.