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For People New to Family Tree DNA (FTDNA)

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    Originally posted by Germanica View Post
    And the original post itself is clear about what precisely the the OP wanted people new to FTDNA to know about, and it's not about how many DNA matches one has.
    I'll say again - The topic heading is "For People New to Family Tree DNA (FTDNA)".

    If the OP didn't want People New to Family Tree DNA (FTDNA) to post here the OP should have used a different heading. Frankly, I doubt if the OP really cares.


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      Wow, I don't know why you're obsessing over this so much. I was only trying to help - and not because I think the OP cares, but because I thought starting a new topic would help brenda get more responses. But okay, dude, if this is really SO freaking important to you, you're right - it's totally on topic and I was totally wrong.


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        Okay, let's get back to the main topic please. Thanks

        Family Tree DNA