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My Known Relationships tag not working

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  • My Known Relationships tag not working

    My Known Relationships tag not working

    Got my FF results for my sister kit 2 days early than the given date of 06/10/2015,Batch 623.A welcome suprise.

    But if I try to confirm her as sister and then go to her kit and confirm me as brother it doesn't work as suppose to.It will changed it back to pending for me.Has anyone else had this trouble lately are is it just me doing something wrong.

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    I have had that happen. You have to do the second known relationship in the "pending" tab and do a confirm, select the proper relationship (cause if you are the grandmother you put grandson and it will show pending grandson and you will have to change the second kit to reflect the correct relationship.

    I have done it where you click relationship from the match screens for both persons, and it just keeps kicking them back and forth to pending statuses. I am guessing that might be what you are doing.