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    Batch 617: FTDNA Moves the Goalposts Again

    Quelle surprise. That's two delays. Original sample batched 4/08/2015, original projected results date range: 6/03/2015-6/17/2015. Second delay range: 6/17/2015-7/01/2015.

    Today, on the first day of the second due date range, checked the kit and it's moved 7/01/2015 - 7/15/2015.

    FTDNA, you're just simply a terrible company. That's the only conclusion one can reach. You consistently set low standards and fail to meet them.

    Just about the only damned thing you have ever done on schedule was clear a debit card transaction when I ordered a test. Those, strangely enough, go right through, with no delay.


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      Originally posted by McBlzr View Post
      I got my Batch 617 Y-DNA111 results yesterday, June 6th. I was surprised I was expecting July 1st. with all the delays I seen posted.
      Looks like I have one solid match at Y-DNA67 (R-M269)
      Genetic Distance = 7 with my same last surname. But he has NO
      GED file posted, but send him a message that we matched.

      Now to try to learn more about all this Y-DNA as I am still very new to it.

      I just got email today that I had new match from batch 617. It was for the match I saw on the June 6th results.


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        The kit I had in batch 617 had results up when I checked about 0600 yesterday morning. 37 markers done
        The email did not come in until sometime late last evening, but by then I already had what I needed.


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          Sorry to hear that.. I had a new kit in 617 and they delivered on it early yesterday morning.


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            Originally posted by jimjwilliamson View Post
            Sorry to hear that.. I had a new kit in 617 and they delivered on it early yesterday morning.
            Glad to hear it. I just checked mine and it's still 7/01/2015-7/15/2015.