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Genetic Genealogy Needs More Service Providers

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  • Genetic Genealogy Needs More Service Providers

    Ok, so everyone knows that FTDNA is backlogged to the point of black hoe status (nothing getting out), and has been and promises to be for a long time.

    So, wanting to perhaps speed the process up a bit, I went with "another vendor" of single SNP tests. Ordered the test (paid) on 06 May. As of 17 May, no kit. The vendor had a US address, but when I inquired as to where my kit was, the reply email referred to a German postal strike. The second kit was shipped out on 18 May. I received what was probably the first kit around 5/22.

    The low price on the SNP was amped up a bit by the fact that it cost $6.55 to mail back to Germany. I mailed it back the next day, and now it's 10 days later, no notification of receipt.

    But, on a positive note, I *did* receive the replacement kit yesterday (Jun 1), almost two weeks after it was mailed out.

    I don't know how to justify continuing with either company except they're just about the only game in town.

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    The vendor you mention is more useful for people on the European continent. Europeans experience the same problems with sending kits back, its just the damn postal service, so you should not judge them by that. I have heard good things about them but I'll rather see all my results on the same page. FTDNA should lower their prices


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      Yep. Even with your $6.55 in shipping, it's still 65% of the cost of a single SNP test at FTDNA, and even with the shipping delays, you'll probably still get the results faster.

      But I do agree that more competition in the industry wouldn't hurt.