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  • I do not understand


    This is my first message here. I have Y-DNA37 in batch 620 which I am waiting on but although it is frustrating to see the dates being pushed out it seems that is happening for most everyone.

    Here is what I don't understand. On May 24th I transferred my atDNA results from Ancestry. I paid the $39 to unlock the results. I got an immediate set of 20 matches which I can look at but not access much detail. My account for FF has shown 'processing ready in 3 to 5 working days' It is still asking me if I want to upgrade to unlock. My results appear to be in batch 624. I don't understand what the delay is - it can't be the lab since my DNA is already in the transfer file. Surely it is not matching?

    Anyway could someone please explain to me what the process actually is for transferred results and if/when something will happen. I have no MyOrigin results BTW.



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    When you pay to unlock your results your data has to be run through the matching program, the program has been broken/working unreliably for more than a month. I would still report your issue to customer service because sometimes transfers get stuck and have to be manually unlocked by the IT department.


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      Thanks I will do that


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        Well I took the advice and opened a ticket. Shortly after that I saw that I no longer was pending but the entire effect of my 'processing' being completed was:
        • One more match. I find it hard to fathom that I only have 21 matches when I have hundreds on the other sites
        • MyOrigin opens but is blank and seems to think I have no origins - that could be true of course
        • The Chromosome tool used to work but is now telling me that there is a snafu in the database and I should try later

        I am trying hard to remain positive about FTDNA but it is getting more difficult since I have had no issues or delays or whatever with the other providers and GEDMatch.

        Finally I can find no way to follow up my ticket. So I have no idea if it has been looked at, closed, or sent to the great trashbin in the sky


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          [QUOTE=Finally I can find no way to follow up my ticket. So I have no idea if it has been looked at, closed, or sent to the great trashbin in the sky [/QUOTE]

          You can only follow-up on the trouble ticket once they respond to you with a reply. Once this happens just reply back to that email.

          If you try to submit another trouble ticket for the same reason they penalize you and move your request to the bottom of the queue.


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            Well I am now utterly bemused. I have now gone back to being locked. It seems that my $39 entitled me to 24 hours of real matches and then it lost the plot and went back to 'please wait while we process your data for 3 to 5 working days' However my order status shows completed so presumably I am now completely stuffed.

            Where do we get a refund?

            This is a shambles.
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