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More than ticked off, What kind of game are you playing here FTDNA?

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    Originally posted by mjohn1964 View Post
    Ok believe what you will lemmings. I know what I called, I know what the voice mail said when the FTDNA answered it, and I know it was well within their hours of operation. I also know I have written to them 5 separate times this week, and have got nothing from them! Maybe you want to accept bad customer service, I for one refuse to be treated like this!
    Then call your credit card company and state your were NOT provided the service purchased.

    1) You will get your money back immediately.
    2) It will be your credit card company's problem.
    3) FTDNA will certainly take notice and likely contact you.
    4) You can scream all you like to the unlucky FTDNA CSR.
    5) And best of all you can quit complaining on this forum.

    ... problem solved.


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      Tom our customer service manager has received your help spot requests and should be in touch with you shortly.

      Family Tree DNA