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30 minutes on hold?

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  • 30 minutes on hold?

    I've been listening to FTDNA hold music for 30 minutes so far this morning...
    Thankfully I can do it while I work...
    This is insane though. I run a support center, if we had hold times like this I would be unemployed.
    Someone need to learn to use a staffing matrix.
    I have a meeting in 2 minutes, and have to walk away... I'm tempted to leave the call open and see if I'm still on hold when I get back...

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    Hilarity... I hung up the phone at 31 minutes and headed to my meeting... it was cancelled at the last minute, so I dialed Houston again.. got connected in under a minute and a half...


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      The customer service reps were probably in a meeting with supervisors leaving only a couple to man the phones and shutting the other phone lines down until the meeting was over. I used to work for a software company who did that.