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Batch 613 Y-DNA

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  • Batch 613 Y-DNA

    Just received full Y37 marker results for kit I manage out of batch 613. Took about 7 weeks, so an improvement on previously reported processing times.

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    I got a delayed message for mine, and then the results came in the next day! I do think things are starting to improve as well. Mine was in batch 615!!! I got mine back 5 weeks and 1 day from the batch date. I was truly shocked!!! And they ARE the correct results if anyone is wondering, as it was my dad and he matched me and my kids plus his yDNA matched someone who descended from the same patriarch we were wanting to confirm! Absolute success even if I don't get anymore useful information from his test Oh, and his family finder that I added on less than 3 weeks ago came back the same day! It had a 2 week 1 day turn around!!! Of course, they already had been processing his yDNA and mtDNA when I added it on. I am only waiting for the mtDNA
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